Design to Code

Coding Practice Book 1
Practical Hands-on project
with Flexbox

HTML & CSS Coding Practice Book 1

Basic HTML and CSS with Flexbox to create a company website

Case Study Details

Here is the PDF for details about the website to be created in the Case Study.

About This Book

This book provides the practical hands-on project for coding a website with HTML and CSS from design mockup and specification.

  • The Mockup created with Adobe XD provides a detailed design of a website.
  • The Mockup and the Case Study's Code are available for download.
The design mockup and completed website

Case Study

One of the coding processes is explained step-by-step as a Case Study.
We will:

  • Develop a company website according to the Design Mockup and Specification.
  • Layout with CSS Flexbox.
  • Make it Mobile-First and Responsive.

Steps to Create

  • STEP 1
    Analyze the design mockup and split it into parts. Then plan how to mark them up with HTML and manage their CSS.
  • STEP 2
    Create HTML and CSS files and write the basic settings.
  • STEP 3 and after
    Create each part one by one and construct the website with them.
  • Finishing and Final Checks
    Once the site is complete, check the responsiveness, HTML syntax, and document structure.

Table of Contents

  • Design Mockup and Specification
  • Case Study
    • Analyzing the Design Mockup
      • First impressions of the design mockup
      • Coding process and plan
        • Basic coding plan
      • Splitting the page into parts
      • Checking the parts flow (eye flow)
      • Planning how to mark up in HTML
        • Heading level
        • Class name
      • Planning how to manage CSS
        • Content width with left and right space
        • Top and bottom space
        • Typography
        • Buttons
    • Start Coding
      • Preparing HTML, CSS, Image files
        • Preparing images
        • Creating HTML and CSS files
        • Writing the basic HTML
        • COLUMN How to use Google Fonts
        • Writing the basic CSS
      • Previewing the page
        • Screen size for mobile and desktop
        • How to display in specific screen size
    • Header
      • Creating the header
      • Displaying the site name
        • Aligning image and text
      • Adding the navigation menu's button
        • Creating lines for the hamburger button
      • Adjusting the header content width
      • Adapting to desktop
        • Adjusting the header content width
        • Setting a breakpoint
        • Adjusting the site name
    • Hero
      • Creating the hero
      • Displaying the hero image
      • Overlaying the headlines
        • Adjusting the headline style and alignment
        • Reversing the display order of headlines
      • Adapting to desktop
    • Message
      • Creating the message
      • Displaying the message
      • Adjusting width and spaces
      • Adapting to desktop
      • Adapting to a smaller screen than the mockup
    • Service
      • Creating the service
      • Adding the title and subtitle
        • Adjusting styles for the title and subtitle
      • Adding the service features
        • Styling the features
      • Displaying the feature image
        • Adjusting the image height
      • Styling the button
      • Aligning the features horizontally
        • Adjusting the styles
      • Aligning button to the bottom
        • COLUMN How to align button to the bottom
    • Contact Us
      • Creating the Contact Us
      • Adding the heading and body text
        • Adjusting styles for the heading and body text
      • Creating the form
      • Styling the input fields
        • Specifying the field text format
      • Styling the submit button
        • Adjusting the button style for the desktop
      • Adjusting the layout for desktop
        • Planning the width for the text and form
        • Aligning the text and form horizontally
        • COLUMN The form width
    • Footer
      • Creating the footer
      • Displaying the site name
      • Adding the address
      • Adding the SNS menu
      • Adjusting the layout for desktop
        • Centering vertically
        • Overlapping the parts
    • Navigation Menu
      • Creating the navigation menu
      • Adding the navigation menu as a full-screen overlay
        • Adjusting the menu
        • Displaying the close button
      • Toggling the overlay with button
        • Adding the JavaScript
      • Adjusting the navigation menu for desktop
    • Finishing and Final Checks
      • Determining the final breakpoint
      • Applying the fade-in effect
      • Checking the responsiveness
      • Checking the syntax validity and document structure
        • COLUMN Heading-level outline and Structural outline

Digital device mockup set designed by rawpixel.com / Freepik

Ornamental flowers background designed by Freepik

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