Design to Code

Coding Practice Book 5
Practical Hands-on project
with CSS Grid and Multi-page

HTML & CSS Coding Practice Book 5

Layering CSS Grid to create a brand site

Case Study Details

Here is the PDF for details about the website to be created in the Case Study.

About This Book

This book provides a practical hands-on web project and a step-by-step visually coding guide. You will learn how to create a website from a design and specs.

We'll create a two-page outdoor brand site in this project. All assets you need to build a website is available as download.


  • XD and Figma design files (Detailed web design mockup)
  • Design specs with additional notes
  • Image assets
  • Complete HTML and CSS code (Case study's code explained in this book)
The design mockup and completed website

About coding case study

We explain how to code this design step-by-step as the case study.

What you'll learn:

  • Basic CSS Grid layout (for mosaic layout, using as layout guidelines, layered multiple grids, and more)
  • Coding the Design from scratch
  • Mobile-first and Responsive Layout
  • HTML with semantics and Simple CSS management

Steps to Create

  • STEP 1
    Analyze the design and split it into parts. Then plan how to lay them out with CSS Grid.
  • STEP 2
    Create HTML and CSS files and write the basic settings.
  • STEP 3 and 4
    Create CSS Grid (page grid) for the page frame layout with decorative parts.
  • STEP 5 and after
    Create CSS Grid (parts grid) for the main content layout.
  • Finishing and Final Checks
    Once the site is complete, check the responsiveness, HTML syntax, and document structure.

Table of Contents

  • Design and Specs
  • Coding Case Study
    • Analyzing the Design
      • First impressions of the design
      • Splitting the design into parts
        • Common parts that compose the page frame
        • Parts that compose the main content
      • Planning how to place parts
      • Planning how to use CSS Grid
        • Grid for mosaic layout
        • Grid for using as layout guidelines
      • Planning how to control the layout for the main content
      • Determining the heading level
        • Top page
        • Article page
      • Coding process and plan
        • Basic coding plan
    • Start Coding
      • Preparing HTML, CSS, Image files
        • Preparing images
        • Creating HTML and CSS files
        • Writing the basic HTML
        • COLUMN Google Fonts setting
        • Writing the base CSS
      • Previewing the page
        • Screen width for mobile and desktop
        • How to display in specific screen size
    • Page Grid
      • Constructing the page frame with Page Grid
      • Creating the Page Grid
      • Placing parts on the grid
        • Adding the common parts
        • Checking auto-placement in the grid
        • Specify the placement of parts with grid lines
      • Styling the navigation button
        • Adding the white lines
      • Styling the SNS menu and vertical text
        • Styling the SNS menu
        • Styling the vertical text
      • Setting the footer background-color
      • Adapting to desktop
        • Checking the Page Grid structure on desktop
        • Adjusting the SNS menu position
        • Adjust the vertical text position
      • Adding the decorative line
        • COLUMN The parts size placed on the grid
    • Parts Grid
      • Adjusting the footer layout with Parts Grid
      • Adding the footer content
      • Creating the Parts Grid
        • Checking auto-placement in the grid
        • Placing all grid items into the second column
        • COLUMN The line number for the automatically-generated column and row
      • Adjusting the footer content layout
        • Planning how to achieve the layout
        • Placing the content in a row
        • Moving the chat icon to the top
        • Styling the text
      • Adjusting the Parts Grid for desktop
        • Checking the responsive layout
        • Specifying each column's min-width
        • COLUMN Checking the page frame responsiveness
    • Main Content (Header Image and Article)
      • Creating the main content
      • Placing the main content
      • Adding the header image
        • Adjusting the header image layout
        • Adjusting the layout for desktop
      • Adding the article
        • Adjusting the article layout
        • Adjusting the layout for desktop
      • Checking the responsive layout
    • Photo Gallery
      • Creating the photo gallery
      • Adding photos
      • Making a grid for laying photos out
      • Specifying the placement with grid areas
        • Changing the grid and area structure
      • Adjusting spaces above and below the gallery
    • Hero
      • Creating the hero
      • Creating the top page
      • Adding the hero
        • Planning how to make the hero part
        • Adding and marking up the hero
      • Adjusting the hero layout
        • Making text and image overlap and invert
        • Adjusting the text and image position
        • Adjusting the layout for desktop
      • Adjusting the responsive layout
        • Adjusting the responsive layout for mobile
        • Adjusting the responsive layout for desktop
      • Adjusting the stacking order
    • Message
      • Creating the message
      • Adding the message
        • Planning how to make the message part
        • Adding the messages
      • Adjusting the layout for mobile
        • Adjusting the image and text
        • Adding small rectangle
        • Adding large rectangle
      • Adjusting the layout for desktop
        • Aligning horizontally
        • Adjusting sizes
        • Adjusting large rectangle
      • Checking the responsiveness
    • Navigation Menu
      • Creating the navigation menu
      • Adding the menu as a full-screen overlay
        • Styling the menu
        • COLUMN Difference of justify-items, justify-content, align-items, align-content
      • Toggling the menu open and close with the button
        • Adding the JavaScript
        • Making the menu open and close
        • Making the close button
      • Making the menu work on the article page
      • Checking the menu on desktop
        • Making the scroll bar always visible
    • Finishing and Final Checks
      • Determining the final breakpoint
        • For the top page
        • For the article page
      • Checking the responsiveness
      • Checking the syntax validity and document structure
        • For the top page
        • For the article page

Digital device mockup set designed by rawpixel.com / Freepik

Ornamental flowers background designed by Freepik

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